15 October 2010

E-Learning Workshop

For two days yesterday, I attended a workshop held at the Education Office of Vocational High School 1 Jenangan. The material provided is about the creation of ICT-based teaching materials. Presenter materials derived from RPL majors (Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak / engineering software). While the participants all secondary level schools as Ponorogo district.
In the workshop, I get new knowledge about ways of making e-learning. Start the installation program, run programs, creation of databases, use the program and its usefulness for the learning process. By using XAMPP, Moodle and eXe we can make the learning process becomes more interesting and attractive. All learning activities, ranging topics subject, teacher and student activities, assessments, discussion forums to chat can be done.
To me, this program is very easy to apply in learning. These features are easy to understand and be understood. This is similar to programs previously web-based, such as Joomla, PHP, Perl, Dreamweaver, Delphi and so on.