23 October 2010

Extreme Weather

Today the rain was still flushed the country despite the dry season has arrived. In the weeks weather seems uncertain. If the morning air is very bright, but stepped on during the day became overcast and sometimes rainy. It resulted in an atmosphere uncomfortable. With the hot air temperature plus the humidity makes lazy to indulge.
The air is clean and comfortable now seems to be difficult to find. The birds are chirping in the morning also started rarely heard. Always thick fog blanketed the morning before. On the plus bone piercing cold weather more so lately. Cold and getting colder. Maybe this is the influence of weather changes. Because in my country is entering a transition season. Namely the change from the rainy season to dry season. The effect is that many people who can not stand for change that ultimately fell ill. Dengue fever, influenza, cough, high body heat is a disease that is often suffered by them. Not to mention if the rains arrive. The atmosphere is very heavy and windy. Many trees are toppled by the wind swept. Thunder shouted and stagnant water everywhere which caused flooding.
Hopefully this situation ends soon and the weather in my country to be normal again. Everyone can work smoothly and not be disturbed by extreme weather. Students  can go to school and campus comfort. Employees can go to each office peace. The traders, farmers, fishermen and others also smooth running of each job.

For that ... let's keep our earth with a vengeance. Make the ground beneath us is comfortable to live. All that for the sake of our future generations. Save our planet from destruction.