02 October 2010

My Note Today...

The world might not like it used to be. The boundaries of propriety and decency began to disappear being replaced by a willingness to achieve the desire immediately. Though sometimes have to fight the nation's culture, not a problem. The attitude of humility, courtesy and mutual respect abolished. Finally there is a brave act, act and behave not as it should.

As I experience today. I get a letter whose contents are the expression of feeling one's heart which was addressed to me. What I did not understand, the letter was written by my students. She revealed all his heart to me through the scratches are very touching sentence for a read, let alone I was not yet married. hehehe .... This is what makes me so uncomfortable. She said "I Love You", "I Miss You" and other words of love. She was always hoping to get love from me, even though he knew I was his teacher. By openly stating he loved me. In the days just me who he calls. And hope that someday I would become her husband. Huh ...!!!

That's what I mean by changes in behavior as above. School children are now getting the courage to express a sense of love in people who are admired, even though it is the teacher herself. So the children now have a level of maturity faster than the old. Without shy or reluctant to express their feelings in his heart to the exclusion of the consequences.