22 December 2010

For Mom

Thank you for all the guidance and direction you gave to this day. Without the services and perjuanganmu far, I can not like now. Thanks to your persistence, your patience and your affection, I can survive the hard life. You awake at night for our family. Starting the day with activities in the kitchen to prepare food for the whole family. That you do every day without complaint.
After that you prepare breakfast for the encouragement of our work. Although we sometimes complain of dishes that you make, but you never angry. You were so patient with everything. After that you went to the market to buy ingredients for today's cuisine. Then you also cook it for us. Rest only did you do in the daytime. In the afternoon, you also start activity again. That is preparing dinner for the family.

Throughout the day you do not forget to prepare the family basic needs, namely food. By tirelessly, you keep trying for our family do not starve. Patience, attention, and affection that you gave us no unreturned. Services at all times-your righteousness will never be forgotten.

Thank you mom ....
Your devotion to my heart ... always timeless
Happy mothers day

20 December 2010

Cinta Dalam Hati

Seandainya cinta di hati bisa terjaga dengan baik,
meskipun pernah tersakiti..
Cinta selalu datang kembali tanpa diminta

Seandainya cinta di hati bisa tetap ada,
meskipun ia tahu dalamnya laut..
Cinta selalu tulus mencoba menyelami kedalamannya

Seandainya cinta di hati begitu kuat,
meskipun ia sadar sebuah koin memiliki 2 mata sisi yang berbeda..
Cinta selalu menyatukan dan membuatnya menjadi berharga

Cinta ada..,selalu menjaga
berkorban, saling melengkapi, dan membuatnya berharga

Maka, selalu jagalah cinta,
yang tanpa kita sadari…selalu ada berdiri di samping kita
di sekitar kita, bersama kita

“ CintA AkaN SelalU HiduP DalaM HatI KitA ”

17 December 2010

Girl and Swimming

Sport makes our bodies become healthier. Through sports we also soul and body be fresh and vibrant in performing daily activities. So far I like the exercise, began to run in the morning, wushu to swimming. I hope that with diligent exercise will make me a good durability. Because this is how I feel. I'm not susceptible to diseases, such as fever, headache, cough, or the like. I am so grateful to God for this gift.

But there is a little story about swimming this. It struck me repeatedly incident. I was an amateur swimming coach. Once upon a time there was a high school kid asked me to train swimming. I also taught her the basics of a good swim. At the beginning of learning, she was a little difficulty applying the theory. But after walking about a month, she began to swim well.

But I did not expect, it turns out she has a liking to me. Without a cover-up she expressed her dislike to me directly. She is eager to be my girlfriend. From time to time her wish was always disclosed. Not only directly, but also via SMS and e-mail. Actually I've been told that it was not good. Because between me and her far adrift in terms of age. In addition it is also not appropriate when I'm having love with high school kids. Is not she more worthy to be my sister? What I did not understand was that he openly declared her love for me with a description that read these words can be carried by his emotion. She did know if I was single, did not have a partner. So easily she expressed it.

In short, I can not accept her love, though I as a man also love seeing beautiful women. hehehe ... Love must be placed according to their function. If not, then love can be stained which will give birth to hatred and weakness.

08 December 2010

Together We Can !

This is a simple expression. But if we reflect further, would bring enormous consequences for our lives. Man was created with a variety of advantages. With the brain and mind as the greatest gift from the Creator, humans are capable of preserving life and living. A sense of solidarity among, sense of responsibility to cultivate the universe, and the synergy between nature and human life is an instinct for survival as the representative of God on earth.

Solidarity Inter-Peer.
As social beings, of course people will socialize them. They will help each other, help and feel like the grief in his group. Each other in working together to achieve common goals. Of mutual interest to all, they will shed a variety of attributes such as race, religion, inter-faction or group. All is for the achievement of goals that are set together.

Responsibilities of the Universe.
God has given us the human nature to be managed properly. This means that humans should not waste the natural. By always keep and care for it, then the resources contained in it will provide tremendous benefits for humans. Where resources exist in this universe is very abundant. How do we manage it, it is our duty.

Synergy of Nature and Life.
Natural resources that God has given to human beings, must be on guard sustainability. By always treating nature as it should, then nature will provide optimal results for our lives. The source of life such as water, air, wood, soil and others can though and empower us for our survival. Thus, this life will continue to run as nature and the provisions of the Almighty God for everything.

The three things mentioned above can not be implemented well, if at the heart of man without any sense of love and affection. Love as a motivation to perform tasks upon them, both as individuals and social beings. While love is a manifestation of love in reaching the goals and ideals. With the love and affection, then survival can be maintained. That in turn the values of life can be transmitted to subsequent generations.

04 December 2010

...:: Cinta Segitiga ::...

Dalam kehidupan ini, kita tak bisa memisahkan diri dari yang namanya cinta. Di manapun kita berada, akan selalu berhubungan dengan cinta. Baik cinta pada Tuhan, cinta pada orang tua ataupun cinta pada sesama. Namun di hatiku, kini tumbuh sebuah cinta yang mungkin terdengar tidak lazim bagi orang lain, yaitu Cinta Segitiga. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan cinta segitiga itu ?, berikut penjelasannya :

Segitiga Sama Sisi

Cinta segitiga sama sisiku adalah dimana aku dan calon istriku kelak akan berusaha mencurahkan rasa cinta dan kasih sayang secara berimbang. Baik dalam menjalankan ibadah sehari-hari, kegiatan bersama keluarga dan masyarakat, ataupun bersosialisasi di lingkungan pekerjaan. Pengalaman, pengetahuan dan keahlian akan menjadi motor penggerak dalam menghadapi semuanya. Good ideas for better life... :)

Segitiga Sama Kaki

Dengan berprinsip saling menjaga dan menyayangi, aku akan senantiasa berupaya menghadapi setiap rintangan yang ada dalam hidup. Aku berupaya mempertahankan apa yang telah diraih selama ini, dan calon istriku lah yang akan melengkapi kekurangannya. Dengan perpaduan tersebut, aku berharap setiap pekerjaan akan memberikan nilai lebih dibanding harus aku kerjakan sendirian. Berat sama dipikul, ringan sama dijinjing. hehehe...

Segi Tiga Murni

Ini merupakan cinta segitigaku yang utama. Bagaimana aku menjalin hubungan secara religi dengan Tuhan Semesta Alam dan dengan makhlukNya. Di satu sisi kedudukanku sebagai hamba Allah yang selalu taat padaNya, dan di sisi lain sebagai manusia yang hidup berinteraksi dengan manusia lain serta seluruh umatNya. Ini adalah pedoman yang tidak bisa di tawar-tawar lagi. Cinta sejati akan selalu hadir di hati... ;-)

01 December 2010

Aku Masih Disini

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
Masih seperti saat pertama aku melihat senyum indahmu untuk yang pertama kali

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
Dan masih terlintas jelas dipikiranku senyuman indahmu itu
Dan aku saat ini masih disini, tapi waktulah yang tak mungkin selalu bisa disini

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
Masih disini, ditempat ini untuk sekedar menuangkan apa yang ada dibenakku..
...tapi tidak seperti yang  kemarinnya lagi karena waktu selalu berganti
Waktu yang berganti bukan untuk menghindar..
...dan waktu yang datang pun bukan untuk melupakan waktu yang lalu
Tapi itulah waktu yang semakin hari semakin mengurangi kesempatanku untuk melihat senyum indahmu

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
Aq masih disudut kamarku untuk sekedar menuangkan apa yang ada dibenakku
Aq masih dengan lamunan-lamunanku
Aq masih dengan inspirasi-ispirasiku
Aq masih dengan mimpi-mimpiku
Aq masih dengan coretan-coretan tanpa arti yang membuatku semakin tak mengerti..

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
Masih seperti saat pertama aku melihat senyum indahnmu untuk yang pertama kali
Masih sama aku yang tak pernah bisa mengartikan keinginanku sendiri..
...masih disini dan hanya bisa disini

Seperti biasanya, seperti yang kemarin dan seperti yang kemarinnya lagi...
" aku masih disini "
...untuk sekedar mengurangi beban yang ada dalam benakku