16 August 2010


  • Twitter

Take advantage of micro-blogging Twitter to find information needed. Open http://search.twitter.com as keyword phrase and type of information you want known.

  • Kosmix

In http://www.kosmix.com we will presented to the display layout of search results as well as magazine articles and contains facts, images, videos and comments from the subjects being searched.

  • Cooliris

Cooliris is a plug in search engine designed to find pictures and video by displaying search results in 3D. See http://www.cooliris.com.

  • Bing

Microsoft would create a search engine called Bing. Bing.com Microsoft intentionally created to rival Google by offering  several new features that are not owned by a competitor's. Look at http://www.bing.com.

  • WolframAlpha
WolframAlpha not just a regular search engine, because this site was designed to show the facts and full features with so much data in the form of graphs and others.

  • Mahalo
Human-powered search engine Mahalo as constructed collectively by a team of editors and registered community. Check in http://www.mahalo.com.

  • Cuil

Cuil is a search engine built a former Google employee and offer search results more relevant than other search engines. Please visit http://www.cuil.com.

  • Hunch

Hunch is unique since it was developed with an algorithm that will tell us which one is more of something with others. Its source is in http://www.hunch.com.

  • Omgili

Omgili is a search engine or a variety of  options for extracting information web community and use to find user opinions or find answers to technical problems. Look at http://www.omgili.com.

  • Sputtr

Sputtr.com is a search engine that collects the best search results from many of the most popular search engine on the internet. Search the web very easy because Sputtr displays all on one page. Just go to http://www.sputtr.com.

Reference : Komputek July 2009 edition and forum.bncc.net.