30 September 2010

Flavor of love that exist in the hearts make me always the spirit to continue to do better than before. The beauty, togetherness and determination to fill the ideals of this life made me tougher in living it. Armed with knowledge and experience I am trying to achieve my dreams are endless.

Support the people closest was the one who made me survive until now. Love and affection they are driving me. They always supported me, guide me and advise me. Hopefully tomorrow I become a useful person for others. And may I include intelligent people are grateful for everything.

With the limitations that exist to me, I will continue to learn to perfect. Reflecting on the past attitude and action is the effort that I can do for now. So that experience spurred me to not become complacent and fall asleep with the development of the era. I should be able to ..., I have success .., and I have managed to reach all of them.