22 December 2010

For Mom

Thank you for all the guidance and direction you gave to this day. Without the services and perjuanganmu far, I can not like now. Thanks to your persistence, your patience and your affection, I can survive the hard life. You awake at night for our family. Starting the day with activities in the kitchen to prepare food for the whole family. That you do every day without complaint.
After that you prepare breakfast for the encouragement of our work. Although we sometimes complain of dishes that you make, but you never angry. You were so patient with everything. After that you went to the market to buy ingredients for today's cuisine. Then you also cook it for us. Rest only did you do in the daytime. In the afternoon, you also start activity again. That is preparing dinner for the family.

Throughout the day you do not forget to prepare the family basic needs, namely food. By tirelessly, you keep trying for our family do not starve. Patience, attention, and affection that you gave us no unreturned. Services at all times-your righteousness will never be forgotten.

Thank you mom ....
Your devotion to my heart ... always timeless
Happy mothers day