17 December 2010

Girl and Swimming

Sport makes our bodies become healthier. Through sports we also soul and body be fresh and vibrant in performing daily activities. So far I like the exercise, began to run in the morning, wushu to swimming. I hope that with diligent exercise will make me a good durability. Because this is how I feel. I'm not susceptible to diseases, such as fever, headache, cough, or the like. I am so grateful to God for this gift.

But there is a little story about swimming this. It struck me repeatedly incident. I was an amateur swimming coach. Once upon a time there was a high school kid asked me to train swimming. I also taught her the basics of a good swim. At the beginning of learning, she was a little difficulty applying the theory. But after walking about a month, she began to swim well.

But I did not expect, it turns out she has a liking to me. Without a cover-up she expressed her dislike to me directly. She is eager to be my girlfriend. From time to time her wish was always disclosed. Not only directly, but also via SMS and e-mail. Actually I've been told that it was not good. Because between me and her far adrift in terms of age. In addition it is also not appropriate when I'm having love with high school kids. Is not she more worthy to be my sister? What I did not understand was that he openly declared her love for me with a description that read these words can be carried by his emotion. She did know if I was single, did not have a partner. So easily she expressed it.

In short, I can not accept her love, though I as a man also love seeing beautiful women. hehehe ... Love must be placed according to their function. If not, then love can be stained which will give birth to hatred and weakness.