03 October 2010

Sunday Time

This Sunday was a tiring day for me. From morning until noon in the computer lab to teach about Internet technology. Initially normal Internet network. But after at 09.30 am, the connection is lost. As a result material that I convey truncated. I'm trying to improve the existing network. Begin observations on the modem, network cables, to hubs and other equipment. alamaaak...suzahnya...! :-)

After I'd been looking for the location of the problem, it turns out the modem that is not normal. This often happens in the laboratory MA. According to technicians, if you have a problem like that turning off the modem should be in a few minutes. Then switched on again. I've tried it and the internet indicator light on the modem stays on red.

Because of its Internet network died, then the learning process in the laboratory is distracted. Finally, I use the lecture technique in my learning. Although tired of having to say I remain continuously convey the spirit of my teaching materials prepared from the previous house. But conditions are different if the network connection for internet is not normal as it is now. My students do not focus much on the subject matter. There are playing games, there are sleepy, some are creating documents and other jobs.

Here's the situation when the pupils on the internet network connection is lost computer labs. hehehe ..........