08 December 2010

Together We Can !

This is a simple expression. But if we reflect further, would bring enormous consequences for our lives. Man was created with a variety of advantages. With the brain and mind as the greatest gift from the Creator, humans are capable of preserving life and living. A sense of solidarity among, sense of responsibility to cultivate the universe, and the synergy between nature and human life is an instinct for survival as the representative of God on earth.

Solidarity Inter-Peer.
As social beings, of course people will socialize them. They will help each other, help and feel like the grief in his group. Each other in working together to achieve common goals. Of mutual interest to all, they will shed a variety of attributes such as race, religion, inter-faction or group. All is for the achievement of goals that are set together.

Responsibilities of the Universe.
God has given us the human nature to be managed properly. This means that humans should not waste the natural. By always keep and care for it, then the resources contained in it will provide tremendous benefits for humans. Where resources exist in this universe is very abundant. How do we manage it, it is our duty.

Synergy of Nature and Life.
Natural resources that God has given to human beings, must be on guard sustainability. By always treating nature as it should, then nature will provide optimal results for our lives. The source of life such as water, air, wood, soil and others can though and empower us for our survival. Thus, this life will continue to run as nature and the provisions of the Almighty God for everything.

The three things mentioned above can not be implemented well, if at the heart of man without any sense of love and affection. Love as a motivation to perform tasks upon them, both as individuals and social beings. While love is a manifestation of love in reaching the goals and ideals. With the love and affection, then survival can be maintained. That in turn the values of life can be transmitted to subsequent generations.